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From mysterious leaks to sudden floods, our professional repair technicians can pinpoint and repair any occasional mishap or identify and eliminate chronic irrigation issues.

  • Leaks

  • Valves

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Lawn sprinklers

  • Timers

  • Low-voltage lighting

  • Fountains

Landscape Maintenance

Regular landscape maintenance ensures the continued health and beauty of your landscape. William T. Jenkins' maintenance personnel are trained to care for each plant in order to emphasize its natural beauty and promote healthy growth. Our attention to detail in caring for your landscape allows it to look its best.

  • General  Cleanup - Plant and tree removal, granite removal/replacement

  • Tree trimming - Proper pruning and trimming of your trees for optimal growth

  • Pruning - No more gumdrop topiary shrubs.  Your shrubs will be properly pruned to optimize growth and encourage their natural blooming, not shorn like sheep

  • Mowing and edging - Keep that green lawn gorgeous and neat

  • Exceptional rose care

  • Replacement - As hard as we try, plants will die.  We can replace your dead or dying plants with fresh new ones

  • Seasonal lawn preparation - scalping and reseeding for winter lawns

  • Seasonal flowers - Keep your pots and flower beds bright and fresh with beautiful seasonal color

  • Home Away From Home - Is Arizona your second home during the winter?  During the time you are away, we will perform monthly system checks on your irrigation to make sure it is working properly.  Worry-free maintenance can be done in your absence, so that you can come back to no surprises or a half-dead landscape when you return

  • Winter Protection - We’re happy to get your plants covered and protected against occasional severe dry-cold periods that can freeze and kill vulnerable vegetation

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