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Lighting Systems

We began bringing exceptional landscapes to life in 1986…but our foundation and reputation was built upon being the go-to experts on irrigation.  Since 1969, we have been an industry leader in providing irrigation solutions.  From full installations, expansions, to troubleshooting and repairs, our irrigation expertise will keep your landscape looking its best.


Irrigation is the foundation for any healthy landscape in Arizona's hot desert climate. All landscapes, from xeriscapes to lush lawns, need water to thrive, and a properly designed and installed irrigation system will automatically give your landscape everything it needs to flourish. At William T. Jenkins, we can give your yard the irrigation system it needs to stay healthy throughout the year. Irrigation is the cornerstone of our business, and we've been building a reputation as experts in irrigation installation and repair since 1969, earning professional commendations and loyal customers for our thorough work.



Whether it is to showcase your landscape by highlighting the elemental natural beauty, add a layer of security to your property, or to enhance the ambience of your outdoor space, lighting makes all the difference.  Dramatic uplighting of a majestic saguaro or tree and subtle path lights give your landscape a whole new personality.



With a low voltage lighting system that accentuates its best features, your landscape can look strikingly different at night. William T. Jenkins' lighting designers have years of experience designing low voltage lighting systems that highlight the strengths of each individual property and undergo continual training with manufacturers of professional equipment such as FX, Focus, and Kichler. Let William T. Jenkins show you a new side of your landscape by installing a low voltage lighting system that brings out your yard's subtle beauty.





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